Our history

We started in 2004 aiming to be small and very selective: we were going to publish business books only, a title per month, twelve titles per year.

However, we quickly realized we could not maintain that exclusive «boutique» style for a few simple reasons: there are too many great books, there are too many talented people, and we had too many ideas to put into action. So we started to grow and to grow even more.

Today we publish more than 350 titles per year and have become one of the leaders of the market.

We published 3000 titles in 16 years.

Our mission

We believe that books can change people’s lives, and we believe that people who read the right books can change the world.

Our free spirit

We were the first publisher in Russia (and probably in the world) to work with no office.

We do not need a place to come every day to work. We do not need a schedule. We do not need to be all in one city, nor even in one country.

Our geography has no borders. Though our company is registered in Russia, we have colleagues living in Belarus, Ukraine, Spain, Malaysia, India, China, Thailand ... And all together there are more than 160 of us.

We work because we love what we do, not because somebody tells us what to do. Twice per year we gather together, in order to see each other’s faces, to shake hands, to give hugs, to say ‘thank you’, and to feel like a family.

Our books

We now publish all types of non-fiction, but mainly the following: books on business, management and self-development; books on creativity; children’s books; comics and graphic novels.

We mostly translate from English, though we also work with publishers and authors from Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, China, etc. Of course, we also work with Russian authors and illustrators: those who live in Russia and those who live abroad but have Russian roots and Russian hearts.

We feel that Russia has a great potential. It has a lot to say and a lot to give to the World. We believe that in twenty years «made in Russia» will become a mark of quality, and we want to contribute to that.

This is why in 2016 we started selling rights to our books. In November 2016 we made our first foreign rights catalogue, and we were full of doubts: would publishers and readers from other countries like our books? Would they find them original? Would they not be «scared» of translating from Russian?

By 2019 we sold translation rights to Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Mongolian, Kazakh, Georgian, Azerbaijani, Spanish and Simplified Chinese languages. Happy with the start, we are excited about what is next ;-)